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Trigs and Teddy are mini golden doodles born brothers in 2021. When we saw these pups we knew we had to have them. They see each other almost everyday and have quite the bond just like their mom's do.

They are our models, companions and inspiration behind all our products. They make us laugh, get us outside and give amazing cuddles.


Carmen loves all things classic black and white. The one who designs, creates and always loves a good laugh. Carmen has 3 kids (including Trigger) and has been in the retail biz for over 15 years designing her own jewelry line at

Jacquie is the one who pushes for pinks, florals and loves to design and create all things colourful. A teacher by day, a mom of 4 (including TEDDY) and the one with bounds of energy looking for the next adventure. 

Our dogs should be as stylish as we are. Both classic and colourful! We are so excited to share our line of dog accessories with you!

Thank you so much for supporting us. Small business is no joke, we do all the designs, creating, photography, social media, shows AND shipping.......but nothing is more exciting than working with your friend and loyal pups.

What our friends are saying.....

The collar is even more beautiful than the photos. I got coral, and it looks so lovely on my dog. Strong, pretty and easy to clean. I need more colours!


Gorgeous and unique, just like my pup!


So excited about these amazing collars for our new pup @missfrankiethegreat. The detail is amazing. Thank you so much.

Tori Spelling (yep for reals!)

These statement collars are so cute and adorable. I love the handsfree leash so I asked them for a request if they could make me a handsfree leash. Love the colour vibes and gorgeous charm. Love my matching set, go support these 2 Canadian women. Thank you Trigs + Teddy!

Tulu + Amanda

Absolutely love my collar! Thank you so much!

Wrinkly Peaches Jackson